Winkflash Photo Book Review

As I mentioned a bit ago, I made a photo book about my Peruvian adventure. It's hard to believe Peru was a year ago! I used winkflash mostly because it was affordable (or considerably affordable compared to other sites). The 12 x 12 book starts at $38.95 for 20 pages and increases with every page &/or custom cover you add.

With a custom cover & a grand total of 96 pages, I was looking at $158.95. I rationalized this by considering how much money I would spend on stickers, printing pictures, how much time I was saving, etc. Okay $160, I can do this.

Then... (thank you, Google) I found a coupon for a base rate. This means that I wouldn't pay the per page fee (translating to $1.50 savings x 76 pages... or $114 in savings!). I nervously typed in the coupon code & my jaw dropped when I saw that it worked. With the 20 pictures I printed, my GRAND TOTAL with shipping was $57.53. Regardless of the quality this was a STEAL.

I placed my order on August 29 & received the book in my hands on September 6. Considering there was a weekend & a holiday in between, this was FAST.

I was very impressed. Great quality! I will be using winkflash again for another photo book (or five) (& a calendar...).

Simple & not too time consuming
One flat fee goes into the book (ie no stickers cost, no cost for printing the pictures, etc.)
Affordable (with or without a coupon)
Very good quality
Shipped right to your door quickly (unlike some companies who ship from Hong Kong or the like and take weeks)

Limited variety of backgrounds
Limited add-ons to pages (buttons, or embellishments)
Limited font selection
Limited templates

Overall, however, I loved the quality & simplicity of designing a winkflash book. They're having 50% off photo books now through June 9th with the coupon code BOOKS50!

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  1. Stopping by from the perfect pear! I love this! I've been thinking about doing a photo book to chronicle my recent trip to Europe but I've only used Blurb in the past and the software is so dang slow. I'll have to check Winkflash out!


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