What I W[ill Wear] Wednesday: Interview Style

I have a medical school interview this Saturday. Because of the importance of the interview, putting a lot of thought into what to wear is a must. Keeping in mind the fact that it's in a toasty part of the country & there will be a lot of walking, the goal is formal (while not looking like a cookie cutter image of everyone else) and practical.

Here's the outfit I will wear:
Pencil Skirt: Express
Black Suede Wedges: Merona at Target
Pearl Earrings & nude hose. Badda bing, badda boom.

I'll be expressing my own style by not wearing a boxy, button down shirt, be practical by wearing a modest heel, and look formal by choosing a skirt over pants.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll snap a photo or two of me wearing this!

pleated poppy


Random Updates

Life is pretty busy around here. Just finished up a week of dog-sitting for a little prince (aka a golden retriever named Dixon). I've been hunting for apartments and signed a lease on Saturday for a cute little studio in downtown Denver! I move in the 1st of October. I have a medical school interview on Saturday (pray for me!). & I'm getting ready for my first ever craft fair in December (more updates to come). Whew, that's enough to keep me busy!  But not too busy for a little crafting. Here's a quick little up-cycle craft project that involved some old frames and a few coats of spray paint. Love it. Moving updates soon.

Can't wait to display these in the new apartment. Lovely print from Naptime Diaries & paint mosaic project found here.

Mr. Dixon.
Playing around with some ISO.
A certain little man chewed one shoe to smithereens. The other, only a nibble. Luckily these were only $7.50
Took a jog in Justin Bieber's Griffin's hoodie.
Biggest Loser starts tonight! YAY.
Happy Tuesday.

Tickle Me Tuesday: Linkin' on Up

I'm linking up for the first time with Sarah from Yes, Teacher. Woo hoo!

1. My new ski coat (I got matching pants too from this great website):

2. This free tutorial from Keyka Lou:

3. This tutorial using vintage sheets:

4. This shirt that looks so cuddly and goes to an amazing cause: *update* I couldn't stop thinking about this shirt... so I bought it :)

5. FALL IS COMING! One word: butterbeer.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Join the fun here:


The Little Things Are The Big Things

Linking up for the first edition of the Little Things linkup party with Lindsay from Aisle to Aloha today (& I'm so excited about it). I really like to enjoy the simple things & a catch phrase I often us is "(noun) is a joy of life!" 

Here are the Little Things I enjoyed this week:

The US Open. Roddick v. Nadal! I don't know who to root for. Gotta LOVE tennis, though.

Manicure/pedicure. I feel good when my nails are shiny, clean, and colorful. And I always feel a bit more feisty for some reason...

My loving boyfriend. His birthday was yesterday & he is just so wonderful. Drove me to the ER on Tuesday and kept me calm. He is just so so so loving.

Cooking/baking & chocolate chip cookies. Especially these ones I made from this delectable recipe.

Acqua di Gioia. I LOVE this smell. It makes me feel happy when I spritz myself a few times.
Lists. They keep me going (& focused).

Keep enjoying life. Happy Friday. Come join the fun!
Aisle to Aloha


Happy 23rd, Griff!

Today is Griff's 23rd birthday (yes, he is 30 days younger than I am). I've known this guy since I was 14 (which was when I first had a crush on him). I've really known him since he was 18 & we've been dating since he and I were 19. We've got a nice and long history, one that's full of memories and love. It's been such a wonderful progression from awkward teenagers to maturing adults! I can't even describe how wonderful this guy is. He inspires me, challenges me, and most of all loves me. I am so thankful for him.

From way back in 2007. My caption for this one was "not all who wander are lost."
You are the coolest person I know.
I love your unique way of looking at things.
You are a dapper young gentleman & I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

So, happy birthday Griffin. I love you so much.
In celebration of Griff, why not use code TWENTYTHREE for 10% off your purchase at Belleview Place! Valid through 09.10.11. Hop on over.

PS- Do you know who else's birthday is celebrated today? I'd say it's fitting.


I'm trying really hard not to rush things along...

but.... I am very excited for fall & winter. See, the leaves change here in Colorado, they do, but you've got about a week window of green to yellow to gone & then it's over, quick as it came. A very ephemeral change yet so beautiful.
As a child, summer was my favorite season, but as I've grown autumn seems to move my heart just a bit more. Riding my one gear-back pedal brakes-bike to classes at Creighton, feeling the cool breeze on my face, becoming reacquainted with my backpack again, hearing the wind rustle the crunchy leaves, smelling cinnamon and pumpkin baking in the oven... oh my goodness, I love fall.

I went to Powder Daze on Monday and perused the ski coats, goggles, socks, etc., which made me so excited for winter & ski season, but again I'm trying not to rush things along (be where you are!). I did buy new ski pants & a ski coat yesterday though...

So, I will keep enjoying summer for the two weeks it remains so. Drinking iced coffee, going on evening walks, wearing shorts & tanks, eating watermelon, going to baseball games, eating frozen yogurt, and soaking up the sun (because there is just sew much sunshine!).
PS- I was going to do a "What I Wore Wednesday" post, but I went to the emergency room last night & the plan got halted. Nothing serious & yes, I'm fine. See, I'm allergic to dogs... & I love dogs & I own a dog. Occasionally my eyes get itchy from said allergy & I rub my eyes. Apparently yesterday I rubbed them too vigorously (Griff told me to stop & go wash my hands, but I kept itching and rubbing my eye...). I finally looked in the mirror and washed my eye out. It looked like my sclera or lens had detached and that the white part of my eye was swelling and overlapping the iris. I then couldn't see for a second and got really freaked out, so off to the ER we went. No wait time (thank you, Centennial) & great doctor. She dyed my eye orange and looked at it under a fluorescent light (aka black light) and it glowed neon yellow. She even gave me a mirror so I could see. I'm not blind & my eye is healing. Doin' fine! Thank goodness for that.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a lot of fun. We encountered a storm on the way to the airport, which delayed our flight a bit. Eventually landed in LV, walked outside into the oven that is Las Vegas & headed straight for the pool. Met up with some family, swam, and grilled some chicken. On Saturday we spent the day as tourists, won some money playing roulette, ate some IN-N-OUT & went to Caesar's Palace's club Pure (nothing pure about it... no me gusta). Saw Snooki there (yes that Snooki) & decided we'd had enough... Hung out in a cabana by the pool on Sunday & then I flew home. Nice little trip & good to be back. Here are some good shots from the weekend:

Pretty menacing storm clouds
Roasting away in the 100 degrees heat at 9pm

Ooooh yeah!
Birthday girl in the center ! WOO HOO. Please note the "double lens" look of mine...
Reese & Charlie. So adorable.

A healthy glow from the heat.
Look at that candid first bite. She really liked it, as you can tell.
I have dreams about these burgers. Please try the fries "animal style" for a whole new dimension of taste-bud satisfaction.
Teamwork = success at roulette!
Ready to dance!
A sweet sculpture next to the Cosmopolitan & Aria
Catching the rays & lounging in the pool.

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend too!