Happy 26th!

Today is my sister's 26th birthday. Happy birthday to the world's best sister! She's my comrade, fashion expert, travel companion, and best friend. I love you Cass! ♥

&&& IKEA opens today in Colorado (YAY). If Cass braves the lines & crowds, she'll (& all others born on 07.27) get a gift card in the amount of $52.80 simply for being born on this day. Luckies!


Times, they are a'changing.

So many great things going on in my life right now. Just got back from a cruise around Alaska with my family. The last three days were spent at sea and hence were cell phone free due to lack of reception.Once I finally did catch up with G he told me so much exciting news I could hardly stay in my skin.

He helped welcome a new niece into the world on the 15th, Daisy. ♥

He found an affordable apartment in Denver (score) & he's on his way here! To move. Not to visit, to stay! Oh my goodness we can hardly wait. Just two states separating us now (Iowa & Nebraska) but that'll all change in a couple of hours.

It's going to be quite a change for our relationship, but wonderful  on all fronts I'm sure. We are very optimistic. He's so wonderful (understatement of the century). 

Here's to new adventures & love.

I saw Harry this weekend too. & my did it move me. I haven't quite gathered my thoughts as to what Harry has meant in my life, but I'll be sure to share as soon as I do. Can't wait to see 7.2 again (I think I was in shock that it was all ending). Great movie & highly recommended.


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Exciting News: Belleview Place Grand Opening!

The store is open for business, folks!

Lots of great goodies for sale & more to be added soon! For being a loyal reader &/or follower &/or google searcher, here's a treat from me to you.
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Here's a showcase & some fun shots from the photo shoot.

Hop on over, take a look, & let me know what you think! Thanks for the support!


Four Favorites Friday: 07.01.11

1. This skirt. Leanne at Elle Apparel even has the full tutorial on her site, found here.

2. This lovely hair clip. Brought to you by Emily from Fern & Flora.

3. This candy. Indulge a little, why don't ya? This stuff is good.

4. This book. My sisterhood & I went and saw Ann Brashares at the Tattered Cover on Monday night. She is wonderful, poised, and very intelligent. My nose has been stuck in this book! I grew up with the Travelling Pants books and it feels cozy being reacquainted with the girls (Carmen, Lena, Tibby, & Bee) I grew up with.

Have a safe & happy 4th of July weekend!