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Hi hi, hello, all! I've been MIA for a variety of reasons.
  1. Medical school applications: finally tying up a few loose ends & then they will be complete.
  2. Studying for the GRE & looking into applying to graduate programs (this means trying to use words like erudite & prestidigitation in my everyday vocabulary).
  3. House-sitting. I've been away from my normal routine & thus my sewing machine and crafting supplies too.
  4. I've been diligently working on my Peru digital scrapbook using winkflash. It's currently 92 pages & it's not even done yet! SOON.
That being said, my sincerest apologies for the lack of updates. Here's some random stuff to much on.

I am adding a few new products to the shop & you get the first sneak peek! Here's one item that will be available soon.

This lovely is made with Ty Pennington fabric & an organic cotton fabric called Lemon. ♥
If you follow me on Twitter (@belleviewplace), you will know that I broke my first needle! I guess I've been officially sworn into the sewing club after this mishap. Snapped a quick photo, tossed the broken needle and replaced it with a fresh one & kept on sewing. No big deal! PS-isn't this fabric lovely!

And in other random news, I absolutely love this Cucumber White Tazo tea. They don't even have this tea listed on their website, but Amazon does! I bought mine from a Super Target. I haven't tried it hot yet (not sure it would be as delicious), but iced it's absolutely scrumptious. Beat the August heat with this! I might just be sipping on some this very moment.

Please keep all the East Coasters in your thoughts and prayers as they brace for hurricane Irene! Have a safe weekend, everyone.

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