Week Wrapped Up

Busy & fun weekend planned. Mom & I are doing The Color Run, which should be so much fun. My sister's boyfriend is celebrating a birthday. I have two graduation parties to go to. My grandma's birthday & Memorial Day are on Monday (& a day off from work!).

Photo dump:

Sis & I worked on an easy summer sewing project! Tutorial to come next week.

My budding graphic art wall. Featuring art by January Jones Prints & The Wheatfield

Not looking for a car, but decided to visit the Hyundai dealership!

A nice capture after seeing Wicked!

I have dubbed every Friday French braid Friday. If I didn't limit myself to once a week, I'm sure I'd wear it like this every day. This is post nap hair, but still very pretty. 
Yes, I have it in a French braid now (it is Friday after all!).

This drawing at Which Wich, yummy sandwich too!

Roses while walking to work. Freshly coated with some light rain.

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  1. Have fun doing The Color Run! I think it looks pretty cool. ;)

    Also, I wish my hair were long enough for a decent french braid...it needs to grow faster!


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