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Ru row. Here's a confession: online shopping is addicting. It's too easy. I usually avoid the temptation, but every few months I give in (which kind of doesn't help because I end up buying four things in one day... but I stray). Here are my most recent purchases:

A lovely print from The Wheatfield for Chels. Thanks Kelle for showing us Mary Oliver and Katie for making this gorgeous print.

Pick Your Plum is like the Groupon for crafters. Goodness, I love it. Picked up my first few rolls of washi tape & I'm excited for all the potential projects and adorning.

Another lovely print, this time for me. It's a great reminder. Where it's hanging: above the sink. Yes, doing the dishes are one of the many things I should start doing with great love. There it will be a constant reminder every time I get a drink of water or fill up the kettle. Thanks Jacky for exposing me to Lindsay.

And this random little purchase. Gotta love Amazon Prime... It's grilling season, yo! & yes, I realize this product is for little ones, but it is normal sized.

Any fun purchases for you lately or shops I should know about?

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  1. I love that print! The phrase wild and precious always gets my heart pumping.


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