Ready to Run

The Color Run recap:

On Saturday, my mom & I participated in the craziest most colorful 5k out there, namely The Color Run. We started the race about 9:35am after waiting at the starting line so the race course wouldn't be too congested. While waiting everyone started throwing their color packets. We were quite colored before the race even started. Here are some fun pictures from the day.

Chrissy, my mom & me ready to get colorful!
These are all pictures before the race started, mind you!

Inching closer to the starting line
We did it! I am so proud of my mama! She has had recurring problems from a broken ankle & was really hesitant about running. But, she did it! Yahoo! Next to conquer: a sprint triathlon!

Who knew climbing a tree would be so hard!

The champion finishers!

This was a really low key run, no timing, etc. I had so much fun.
Any fun fitness challenges for you this summer?


  1. That looks like so much fun! Not sure about the running, but definitely the getting dusted in colour! ;o)

  2. i will literally never run more than a block, but, this is pretty awesome and I am jealous.


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