Ruffled Apron for a Special Somebody

Yesterday started out in a frenzy. The night before I tried out a few home remedies/crazy rumors I've heard to scare colds away (namely rubbing Vick's on the bottom of my feet, putting socks on, and going to sleep). Maybe this works for other people, but I woke up with sticky feet & felt crummy still. Got ready for the day, brewed some Ginseng tea for some natural energy. Looked at my watch 07:22, chugged my tea (burn, ouch, hurry). I have to be at work at  07:30 so I rushed out the door ready to pedal as fast as I could on my bike. No bike on the bike rack. Hoops. Left it at work. So, I (in all my awkward glory) ran to work. Literally. Ran. To. Work. I somehow made it on time (barely) and spent the next hour catching my breath and wiping my sweaty neck. Phew.

Anyway, in other news... As a combined Mother's Day/birthday gift, I am making this apron for a special somebody.

Here's the order I decided on for the ruffles. It's a good rule to lay things out & visualize before you begin snipping & sewing.

Two ruffles! Getting exciting.

Ooh la la! Three

She loves bold colors, so I thought the bright pinks and yellows were perfect.
Still working on this, but I'll post pictures of the finished product as soon as I'm finished!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. oh my word, loooving those colors & sweet ruffles!!

  2. I love the colors and patterns you picked!! It looks great so far!!


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