And the winner is...

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving & without further ado, let's announce the winner of the giveaway.

Congratulations lucky number five, AKA the lovely Jacky from The Sweetest Petunia
Your package will be going out shortly!

Woo hoo!

Busy this week as I prepare for my first ever craft fair on Saturday. I would love any tips or tricks if you have any!



Happy Thanksgiving!

The big things I'm thankful for: family, friends, health, faith, & life.

Here are a few of the little things I'm thankful for:
The smell of dogs' paws
A strikingly beautiful sunset
The smell of a chlorinated swimming suit
An old couple holding hands
Getting a letter through snail mail
My dad’s laugh
My mom speaking Spanish
Chelsea’s laugh
Cold pillows
Wrinkly mummy sleeping bags
Fresh laundry, warm and straight out of the dryer
Water popsicles
Dancing like no one’s watching
Diving into a swimming pool
Skiing down a mountain
Really good acoustical guitar
The smell of fresh cut grass
Hugs from Cass: “give me a hug!”
Griffin’s handwriting
Griffin calling me “Polar Bear”
People praying
Children’s laughter, especially when one of them tells a funny joke or story
Fine-tipped black pens
Ink on fresh paper
Boys in hoodies
Feeling the sun give me more freckles
Traveling in general, especially particularly foreign places you’ve only seen pictures—pictures that will never do justice to the real thing
Paint chips
Anne Gracie romance novels
A color-coded closet
A perfectly fitting pair of jeans, like they were made for me
A piping cup of tea, especially with pyramidal tea bags
Iced coffee
“Peace be with you” at Mass
Red, orange and yellow leaves falling in an autumn breeze
Bicycles, old ones
Anne of Green Gables
Natalie’s laugh, when she puts her hand on her stomach and lets her whole body laugh along
Gilbert Blythe
Wellington’s (rain boots)
Mom’s story telling (Dad & the Ketchup)
Family memories & videos
Spring flowers, especially tulips
The Kite scene in Finding Neverland
Mom’s mysteries of the Rosary
Forcing Cass to give me a hug when she’s mad
Filip’s laugh
Hunter Gregory’s Buddha belly
Vermilion the color
A long, challenging run
Hunter sticking his head out the sun roof
Nature, just after it’s rained
Mom saying “these people!”
Hunter’s howl
Groggy Griffin
Chelsea’s teaching stories: “Aww Mom! I went to bed last night!”
Grandma Hesse & all her quirky sayings “these pants attract all but men & money!”
Office supply stores
Little tiny notebooks
New shoes
Falling asleep in the sun
Dad’s robes
Iced vanilla/almond lattes
Couples holding hands with mittens on
Sister Lucy saying Thessalonians
Christmas lights
The way Hunter is really cuddly in the morning
How Natalie is the human equivalent of a Snuggie
The song G & I made up: “Clementine”
The feistiness of Grandma Hesse
Honey nut loaf without nuts

Have a blessed feast & holiday!
PS- The giveaway is still going on here!


What I Wore Wednesday in Estes

Colorado = layers
Scarf: Anthropologie
Vest: Target
Sweater: American Eagle
Jeans: Old Navy
I love this chair. I honestly LOVE this chair.
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Tank & Jeans: Old Navy
Watch: JC Penney
Hiking boots: courtesy of Mom
Just moosin' around. You saw that coming, didn't you?

Linking up with Lindsey
pleated poppy
Love the layers! Enter the giveaway here!


My To-Make List and Great Dinner Roll Recipes for Thanksgiving

Homemade Chex mix. Anyone have a good recipe? I LOVE this stuff, but I've never made it. I'm planning on using Betty Crocker's recipe found here.
I'm in charge of rolls this Thanksgiving. A lot of pressure, because as a side, these are a family favorite! I usually make two different recipes. I'm going with Bakingdom's soft rolls for one:

& Our Best Bites' cheesy garlic bread swirls for the other. Garlic + cheese + bread = perfect for any meal! Recipe found here.These are so good. So good.

My sister makes a bomb diggity green bean casserole, so she's in charge of that! Grandma is always in charge of the sweet potatoes. The turkey goes to my mom & it's always FABULOUS.

Post Thanksgiving, these are on my cooking list for the men in my life:
For the Frederer: Chicken Pot Pie, Ina's is to die for!

What are you in charge of this Thanksgiving?



Guess what? Last week I celebrated my 100th post! So, that means a giveaway from my heart of hearts to one of you lucky readers! Thanks for stickin' with me!

Here's the loot one lucky winner will receive:

That's right, the winner will receive this Joel Dewberry infinity scarf, the elegant ruffle coffee sleeve, a winter's wonderland ring & leaf drop earrings!

Here's the dig:
MANDATORY: You must be a public follower of this blog!
To enter, simply leave me a comment & tell me one little joy you are thankful for this year! (one entry). Be sure to include your email if your comment isn't linked to it.

Extra entries:
+1 Follow @belleviewplace on Twitter
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You can copy this or craft your own:
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As a special gift, use code HUNDRED for 20% off your Belleview Place purchase now through Thursday, December 1st! Guaranteed for Christmas delivery!

Giveaway open to all US residents & will close Sunday, November 27th.
Winner will be chosen via Random.org & will be contacted via email & on this blog on Monday, November 28th.


Estes Memories

Spent last weekend with the family in one of our favorite Colorado cities, Estes Park. Here are some of the memories! This weekend will be spent crafting away. Tomorrow I'm going to Philadelphia! Busy!

The Stanley Hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining

Scarf: Anthropologie
Sweater: Patagonia
Gloves: Peru
Hat: H&M

Whilst hiking, we saw this. He put us to shame!
Mr. Elkman
The proverbial hat picture (we take one or seven on every vacation).
Enjoy the weekend!


Living the Good Life

Just a few pictures from my weekend in Nebraska reuniting with all my college friends!

Crystal Cappuccino, anyone? Remember this shirt?
Have you ever played this game? It's a hit at parties or in small groups! Tear up some paper & have each person write 10 famous people or friends that you all know. Fold them up and dump them all in a bowl. Have each person draw one and without looking, lick it and stick it to your forehead. You have 20 yes or no questions to guess who you are! SO fun!
Getting ready to tailgate!
Trying on the garb at Wal-Mart. I should have bought that hat. Shucks.

Twilight hour!
We went on the field after the game!

Care package, courtesy of a special family in Michigan.
My first ever planking picture. Creepy.
Have a great weekend!

PS-This is officially my 100th post! To celebrate, join me for a giveaway next week!


I am in LOVE...

with Joel Dewberry. In a platonic swooning fabric fest, I am in LOVE.

At the local fabric/craft store I frequent, the cute and crafty saleslady ringing me up said, "I'm noticing a pattern... Joel Dewberry." 

I don't look at designer's names when choosing fabric, I just go with what makes me smile and lights my eyes up with potential, but somehow every time that happens, the fabric calling is Joel Dewberry. 

I can't stop saying it! Joel Dewberry. Joel Dewberry. It rolls off the tongue so pleasantly! Joel Dewberry (okay, I'll stop!).

Eclectic modern. Brilliant, Joel Dewberry. I love you!

My favorite collection is Heirloom. Here are my most recent investments:
Opal Jade, voile
Tile Flourish Amber, voile

To Infinity scarves & beyond! That's where these puppies are going. Can't wait for more! I love voile!
If you're brave enough to click the website, get ready to drool &/or fork up some dough buying the fabric on Etsy. Enjoy! Show me what you make with your Joel Dewberry!


Hello, friends!

'Twas a week filled with joyful memories of my weekend in Omaha. Reminiscing with college friends is therapy for any aching soul! We had so much fun. I took a grand total of 12 pictures because (brilliant me) brought the camera with a dead battery & no charger. Hoops. 

You'll see those pictures soon & get a proper update in time. I am headed to the mountains this weekend, out of town again. Next weekend I head to Philadelphia & then it's Thanksgiving. Busy times around here! 

Not to mention, I'm crafting my bones out getting ready for a craft fair! Let me know if you have any tips or advice for this little novice!

Have you seen my mottos? I went to the grand opening of H&M in Denver yesterday with my sister & this rule was broken by far too many chickadees out there. Ladies, as if our men weren't tempted enough... please just wear some pantaloons! Thanks!

I'll leave you with a picture of the Cathedral Basilica from this morning. I tried to go to confession at 6:30am & I was booted because Father had to get ready for mass. That's life, though! Note to self: be punctual!
Unedited & with a wee cell phone camera. Yep, it looks that good with a bad camera.

Have a fruitful weekend,


All Souls Day

Today we celebrate & remember all the faithful souls that have gone before us.

If you have lost anyone in your life this past year, today is a great day to remember them & pray for them.

Here's a great quote by Amos Traver that reminds us of the message of the resurrection:

God bless,


All Saints Day

Hip hip hooray! What a very special and important day. It's All Saints Day!

Here's a little blurb on my favorite saint, Saint Gianna Beretta Molla:

She was a skier, a physician, and an ardent wife and mother. She was a person just like us & is now in heaven enjoying the beautiful banquet and praying for all of us.
She cultivated the Christian life and inspired others through faith her involvement with the Church. She studied medicine and eventually married her sweet Pietro and they started a family together. 

During her last pregnancy, she developed a fibroma in her uterus and knowing the risk, insisted that her child be saved. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Gianna Emanuela, St. Gianna died. She is one of the first lay married saints to be beatified & her family was even able to attend her beatification in Rome with Pope John Paul II (how fantastic)!
Here's some more information about All Saints Day & about St. Gianna:

"One cannot love without suffering or suffer without loving."

"Also in suffering, let us say: Thanks be to God."

PS- Blessed Chiara is also a favorite...
Have a wonderful day!
Saint Gianna, pray for us!