Mid-Week Inspiration

Hard to believe it's already Wednesday & the last day of August! But don't worry, September has so much potential! One of my most favorite months, for sure (& the start of a new season... fall, anyone?).

Next on my "To Craft" list (aside from some new merch for the shop) is a mail organizer. I currently have two boxes full of mail from my lovely correspondences in college & the rest is overflowing in a reusable bag (not so cute). Here's one inspiration I might use to store some of these precious keepsakes:


Met up with one of my best friends on Monday. I visited her classroom (she's a 1st grade teacher) and we went out to eat at Falafel King. She gave me this for my birthday. It's been on my favorites list on Etsy for a while now! It's so beautiful. When I opened it I almost cried it's so lovely. The Wheatfield is also on my favorite shops list.

If you need a great & simple recipe, here's one for you. I tried this last night. Griff & I loved it. It was so simple & took only about 30 minutes from scratch to bowl! I love this website! It tasted more like a Mexican macaroni; just delicious.

I finished my digital scrapbook for Peru & it's currently in the "printing" status, but as soon as it arrives I'll give you a review of winkflash's quality. I certainly saved a heck of a lot of money ($114 to be exact) using a coupon code I found online (score). I loved how simple it was to make the book. Mine turned out to be 96 pages! Here are a few pages:

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. Be where you are.


Roses are Red, Mondays are Blue, & a Custom Order, One for You?

A bit of crafting this weekend. I finished up a birthday gift for my cousin, a custom iPad case (we're going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate)!

I did my first custom order for Belleview Place, a wristlet clutch. Beautiful lemon yellow contrasted with grey & vermilion: sunburst. A few of these will be hitting the digital shelves soon! & if you're interested in a custom order, let me know! Very affordable & fun.

Griff & I had a date night on Saturday. I made him dinner & dessert. He brought roses. We ate outside over candlelight & watched a movie. It was lovely! Just the normal we need!

Here's to a great week!


Up & Coming

Hi hi, hello, all! I've been MIA for a variety of reasons.
  1. Medical school applications: finally tying up a few loose ends & then they will be complete.
  2. Studying for the GRE & looking into applying to graduate programs (this means trying to use words like erudite & prestidigitation in my everyday vocabulary).
  3. House-sitting. I've been away from my normal routine & thus my sewing machine and crafting supplies too.
  4. I've been diligently working on my Peru digital scrapbook using winkflash. It's currently 92 pages & it's not even done yet! SOON.
That being said, my sincerest apologies for the lack of updates. Here's some random stuff to much on.

I am adding a few new products to the shop & you get the first sneak peek! Here's one item that will be available soon.

This lovely is made with Ty Pennington fabric & an organic cotton fabric called Lemon. ♥
If you follow me on Twitter (@belleviewplace), you will know that I broke my first needle! I guess I've been officially sworn into the sewing club after this mishap. Snapped a quick photo, tossed the broken needle and replaced it with a fresh one & kept on sewing. No big deal! PS-isn't this fabric lovely!

And in other random news, I absolutely love this Cucumber White Tazo tea. They don't even have this tea listed on their website, but Amazon does! I bought mine from a Super Target. I haven't tried it hot yet (not sure it would be as delicious), but iced it's absolutely scrumptious. Beat the August heat with this! I might just be sipping on some this very moment.

Please keep all the East Coasters in your thoughts and prayers as they brace for hurricane Irene! Have a safe weekend, everyone.


Tuesday Tutorial: Up-cycled Wood Blocks

I've had these wood blocks for a while, but I thought it was high time for an update. I thought about giving them away, but decided to update them instead. For this, all you need is a sturdy piece of wood (perhaps you too have a piece that needs to be updated...), some spray paint, painter's tape, & some acrylic paint.

For the first one I used Coral Isle. I really liked the look of the raw wood around the edges, so I used painter's tape before spray painting. After a few thin and even layers of spray paint (and letting it dry, of course), I roughed it up a bit with a nail file (or sand paper if you're classy) just so it wasn't so shiny. I then painted the word Patience with white & a grey outline.
Wrap 3M tape around the edges & fold
Spray a thin, even layer
After two thin coats
After three thin coats: perfect!
Roughed up a bit & with a thin layer of acrylic white
Beginning outlines of grey
& voila... with a little patience (ha) you're finished product will be dry in no time

For the second I used Chalkboard spray paint from Krylon (my first experience with this stuff & I am hooked). No better time to use this stuff than August when it's back to school time!
Apply a few thin, even layers allowing time to dry in between
After a few coats, let it dry for 24 hours. Then use the side of a piece of chalk and rub the entire surface of the chalk board. Erase with a felt eraser (or your fingertips) & then you're free to write/draw/create!

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A Restful Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of it crafting & relaxing. Stocked up on some fabric (yay), including some of my new favorite material: voile. It's elegant & softer than soft! I also got very sidetracked watching How It's Made fabric & subsequently jeans, which basically made me drool it was so awesome.
I did a quick plastic bag holder, courtesy of Martha. Tutorial found here.
I also finally bought some more interfacing & worked on my t-shirt quilt. It's getting close to completion! All the shirts are officially sewn together. Not all the seams match, but it's homemade & my first attempt at "quilting," so I'm still proud of it. That tutorial comes from the lovely Caroline, found here.

Also, I used my Keurig for the first time this morning & woof, I didn’t know what I was missing. That was one delicious cup of coffee!
Fun & easy tutorial coming tomorrow!



Thursday thrills, what I'm up to:
Dipping into some nonfiction with The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

My journal + application essays
Lychee tea

Listening to:
Mumford & Sons Pandora station

Desiring to:
Go golfing, oddly enough
Inspired by:
The imminent weekend

What are you up to?
Randomness is good (just ask entropy! ...nerdy joke). Have a good one!


What I Wore Wednesday: Birthday Edition

Took a bit of a fashion risk with this outfit. I saw this blouse on the rack & was instantly intrigued. It got me out of my comfort zone with the loose fit & fun print and I love it.

Blouse: TJ Maxx Cami: Forever 21 Skinny Jeans, Belt & Flats: Gap Glasses: DKNY @ Target Optical

Beautiful Larimer Square
New favorite store: Posh. They decorate with packaging tape!

Awesome light from Posh!
*Don't forget 10% off now though Friday 08.12.11 in honor of my 23rd birthday! Coupon code: TWENTYTHREE. Click here to join the celebration.
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