Christmas 2011 Recap

Christmas this year was so great; one of the best. Spent at home in the company of pups and family. 
We attended midnight Mass, which was so spectacular. Truly a marvel to welcome the Christ child in the cold and dark wee hours of the morning.

It was a white Christmas after all. No new snow, but plenty on the ground to keep it white.

Hunter & his buddy, Amos, enjoyed spending three solid days together. They donned their gay apparel for the special day.

As you can tell by that expression, the Hunter calendar was a hit! A great surprise, because we didn't think it would arrive in time!

One of Hunter's presents was a stuffed Woodstock who was chewed apart within minutes. Typical. 

A few of my favorite gifts:
Antique spools bought & used by my great-grandmother, Alma. Gifted to me by my grandmother. So sentimental and wonderful.
Stove-top espresso maker (which I've already used twice) from Grandma.
Ski helmet from my mom Santa (much needed)

New moccasins from the sister
My favorite gift of all was being able to spend time with the family. It was so nice and refreshing. We played games, watched movies, played in the snow, cuddled up, sipped some warm beverages, ate fudge, baked, and more. I even came away the Christmas Eve poker winner! YES.

Merry Christmas season (it's still going, folks)!


The Gift that Keeps Giving All Year Long! (Clark)

Teaming up on gifts this year, G & I were stumped when it came time to pick out gifts for my dad. Besides his family and friends, he loves three things: stocks, football, and Hunter. 

Stocks, well, we can't afford a share of Apple... sooo kind of out of the question.
Football, did I mention he's a Colt fan? WORST record in the league... yeah....
Hunter, hmm there's an idea. In years past my dad has received framed pictures, but we thought... hey, a calendar keeps giving all year long! 

So, calendar it was.

Here are a few snippets. I used winkflash again, because I was very impressed with their quality & affordability. & they had a 40% off special going (still running until December 26th), score!

Also, we were a little late in the game on this gift, so it won't be ready until the 27th. Here's what he's getting as a consolation prize. It's a bit of a family inside joke, based on this post (which although serious and sad, makes me almost pee my pants every time... cat was found; all is well that ends well).

This little gem will be July:

The quote says: "A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, big or small, young or old. He doesn't care if you're not smart, not popular, not a good joke-teller, not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person. To your dog, you are the greatest, the smartest, the nicest human being who was ever born. You are his friend and his protector." -Louis Sabin

& this one will be December:

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Any fun Christmas gifts you're giving?



I spent the weekend relishing in the season: exchanging gifts, spending time with family, celebrating mass, seeing the Nutcracker ballet.

Last night we had our annual Christmas gift exchange, a delicious dinner & we went to the Blossom of Lights at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 

Lights and merriment.
Laughter and memories.

We played Christmas carols from our coats (thank you smart phone + Pandora) We may have upset the scrooges around, but it made our spirits light and tuned us into the spirit of the season. Our toes froze & subsequently warmed in that peculiar spicy painful way. 

It was a merry night.

Yours waiting in joyful hope,


Cold Hands Warm Heart Swap 2011

I was so excited to be a part of this year's Cold Hands, Warm Hearts. 
I was paired with the lovely Jacky from The Sweetest Petunia (love her!). 

Opening & getting so excited at the goodies peeking out.

She even included a special recipe! So sweet.

Luscious red nail polish & two softlips chapsticks! Lucky me! The gloves are so warm and comfortable.

I'd have to say that the homemade scarf is my favorite. It is so cozy & perfect for this chilly weather (not to mention customized with two of my favorite colors)!

And I'll leave you with this awkward precious gem. Keep Love in Christmas!

Thanks to Ilene & Sandy for hosting! Stop by & give them some love.

With cold warm hands, an open heart & new bangs,


Craft Fair Recap

Groggy & snowy, getting ready to head to the fair
Vintage sheet + black table cloth from Good Will. The table before...
And after... not too shabby for my first attempt!

Action shot!
My sweet sleeping pup & the bed that I made him (a bit furry).

Happy Thursday!

I was nervous going into this experience, but it was a risk well taken. I learned a lot about growing a hand-made business, and hope to implement these in the coming days and beyond.