My To-Make List and Great Dinner Roll Recipes for Thanksgiving

Homemade Chex mix. Anyone have a good recipe? I LOVE this stuff, but I've never made it. I'm planning on using Betty Crocker's recipe found here.
I'm in charge of rolls this Thanksgiving. A lot of pressure, because as a side, these are a family favorite! I usually make two different recipes. I'm going with Bakingdom's soft rolls for one:

& Our Best Bites' cheesy garlic bread swirls for the other. Garlic + cheese + bread = perfect for any meal! Recipe found here.These are so good. So good.

My sister makes a bomb diggity green bean casserole, so she's in charge of that! Grandma is always in charge of the sweet potatoes. The turkey goes to my mom & it's always FABULOUS.

Post Thanksgiving, these are on my cooking list for the men in my life:
For the Frederer: Chicken Pot Pie, Ina's is to die for!

What are you in charge of this Thanksgiving?

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  1. You are cute. My mom and I always make thanksgiving together and Alli of course. It's not always on thanksgiving, but a tradition of togetherness. So we have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (my mom hates them, I love them), homemade cranberry sauce (the BEST ever!), Homemade applesauce, rolls and my moms famous lemon pie. Happy thanksgiving!


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