Living the Good Life

Just a few pictures from my weekend in Nebraska reuniting with all my college friends!

Crystal Cappuccino, anyone? Remember this shirt?
Have you ever played this game? It's a hit at parties or in small groups! Tear up some paper & have each person write 10 famous people or friends that you all know. Fold them up and dump them all in a bowl. Have each person draw one and without looking, lick it and stick it to your forehead. You have 20 yes or no questions to guess who you are! SO fun!
Getting ready to tailgate!
Trying on the garb at Wal-Mart. I should have bought that hat. Shucks.

Twilight hour!
We went on the field after the game!

Care package, courtesy of a special family in Michigan.
My first ever planking picture. Creepy.
Have a great weekend!

PS-This is officially my 100th post! To celebrate, join me for a giveaway next week!


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