Happy Thanksgiving!

The big things I'm thankful for: family, friends, health, faith, & life.

Here are a few of the little things I'm thankful for:
The smell of dogs' paws
A strikingly beautiful sunset
The smell of a chlorinated swimming suit
An old couple holding hands
Getting a letter through snail mail
My dad’s laugh
My mom speaking Spanish
Chelsea’s laugh
Cold pillows
Wrinkly mummy sleeping bags
Fresh laundry, warm and straight out of the dryer
Water popsicles
Dancing like no one’s watching
Diving into a swimming pool
Skiing down a mountain
Really good acoustical guitar
The smell of fresh cut grass
Hugs from Cass: “give me a hug!”
Griffin’s handwriting
Griffin calling me “Polar Bear”
People praying
Children’s laughter, especially when one of them tells a funny joke or story
Fine-tipped black pens
Ink on fresh paper
Boys in hoodies
Feeling the sun give me more freckles
Traveling in general, especially particularly foreign places you’ve only seen pictures—pictures that will never do justice to the real thing
Paint chips
Anne Gracie romance novels
A color-coded closet
A perfectly fitting pair of jeans, like they were made for me
A piping cup of tea, especially with pyramidal tea bags
Iced coffee
“Peace be with you” at Mass
Red, orange and yellow leaves falling in an autumn breeze
Bicycles, old ones
Anne of Green Gables
Natalie’s laugh, when she puts her hand on her stomach and lets her whole body laugh along
Gilbert Blythe
Wellington’s (rain boots)
Mom’s story telling (Dad & the Ketchup)
Family memories & videos
Spring flowers, especially tulips
The Kite scene in Finding Neverland
Mom’s mysteries of the Rosary
Forcing Cass to give me a hug when she’s mad
Filip’s laugh
Hunter Gregory’s Buddha belly
Vermilion the color
A long, challenging run
Hunter sticking his head out the sun roof
Nature, just after it’s rained
Mom saying “these people!”
Hunter’s howl
Groggy Griffin
Chelsea’s teaching stories: “Aww Mom! I went to bed last night!”
Grandma Hesse & all her quirky sayings “these pants attract all but men & money!”
Office supply stores
Little tiny notebooks
New shoes
Falling asleep in the sun
Dad’s robes
Iced vanilla/almond lattes
Couples holding hands with mittens on
Sister Lucy saying Thessalonians
Christmas lights
The way Hunter is really cuddly in the morning
How Natalie is the human equivalent of a Snuggie
The song G & I made up: “Clementine”
The feistiness of Grandma Hesse
Honey nut loaf without nuts

Have a blessed feast & holiday!
PS- The giveaway is still going on here!

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