Happy Birthday, Dad!

This day 54 years ago my dad was born. He was born very premature & back in 1957 this was a huge risk. The stories my grandma has told me about his first few days on earth make me smile. She said she used to have to walk to the hospital (after just having given birth!) to go visit him. All the nurses called him Elvis because he had a righteous head of hair. He was in an incubator for months, but pulled through. & I'm so glad he did.

He's a remarkable man, dad, and role model. I love him to pieces. He's taught me invaluable lessons: how to find humor in all things, how to manage money, how to golf, how to give the Hesse eyes, how to stay young at heart, how to love football, and most important of all how to live out one's faith. Happy birthday to the best dad!

The world's best Colt fan!

Rocking the Jusin Bieber 'do long before JB!
The little diplomat

The family man.

 I love you Dad!

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