I am in LOVE...

with Joel Dewberry. In a platonic swooning fabric fest, I am in LOVE.

At the local fabric/craft store I frequent, the cute and crafty saleslady ringing me up said, "I'm noticing a pattern... Joel Dewberry." 

I don't look at designer's names when choosing fabric, I just go with what makes me smile and lights my eyes up with potential, but somehow every time that happens, the fabric calling is Joel Dewberry. 

I can't stop saying it! Joel Dewberry. Joel Dewberry. It rolls off the tongue so pleasantly! Joel Dewberry (okay, I'll stop!).

Eclectic modern. Brilliant, Joel Dewberry. I love you!

My favorite collection is Heirloom. Here are my most recent investments:
Opal Jade, voile
Tile Flourish Amber, voile

To Infinity scarves & beyond! That's where these puppies are going. Can't wait for more! I love voile!
If you're brave enough to click the website, get ready to drool &/or fork up some dough buying the fabric on Etsy. Enjoy! Show me what you make with your Joel Dewberry!


  1. I JUST discovered Joel Dewberry fabrics on Etsy the other day. I am in love with the Saffron Aviary 2 line. Time to break out the sewing machine!

  2. Mmmm, so gorgeous!! Love the colors & patterns. :)


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