Happy 23rd, Griff!

Today is Griff's 23rd birthday (yes, he is 30 days younger than I am). I've known this guy since I was 14 (which was when I first had a crush on him). I've really known him since he was 18 & we've been dating since he and I were 19. We've got a nice and long history, one that's full of memories and love. It's been such a wonderful progression from awkward teenagers to maturing adults! I can't even describe how wonderful this guy is. He inspires me, challenges me, and most of all loves me. I am so thankful for him.

From way back in 2007. My caption for this one was "not all who wander are lost."
You are the coolest person I know.
I love your unique way of looking at things.
You are a dapper young gentleman & I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

So, happy birthday Griffin. I love you so much.
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PS- Do you know who else's birthday is celebrated today? I'd say it's fitting.

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