Sleepytime Eye Mask Tutorial

Here's another lovely travel accessory that will come in handy on a long plane ride or during an afternoon nap. I love taking naps; just ask my college roommates! Here's a quick homemade project you can do with leftover material you have. I made pajama pants for my friends & family for Christmas, so I have plenty of leftover flannel, which seems like the perfect softness for the eyes.

Cotton batting
Fabric marker
Sewing machine
Optional: corresponding fabric to cover the elastic

To make the design of the eye mask, I used an old eye mask I had on hand & traced around it on the fabric leaving generous space. Cut this out of the fabric

Use this piece of cut fabric to cut the opposing side.  Place upside down on the right side up fabric and cut (this will ensure that the eye pieces match up perfectly). Cut out one piece of batting using the pattern.

The flannel I used was white, so I needed a dark fabric to help darken the eye mask. I used a dark blue. Lay the darkening fabric down first (if necessary), then the flannel, design up. Lay the second piece of flannel pattern side down. Place batting on top & pin. Sew around the top & bottom, but leave both the sides open (this will make attaching the elastic a bit easier). Flip right side out.

If you choose to cover the elastic, cut a piece of fabric that is double the width of your fabric + 1/2 inch and about 3 inches longer (this will create a bunched look). Fold in half right sides together & sew along the open edge using 1/4 seam allowance. Flip right side out. Use a safety pin to pull elastic through.

Stick each side of the elastic into the sides of the eye mask, pin & top stitch.

Grab a cup of Sleepytime tea, find a cozy place to cuddle up & get some zzzz's.

Here's the one I made my sister:

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  1. That looks comfortable with the thicker band. good job!

  2. Very cute! I love it dark when I sleep too.
    Thanks for linking up! Always nice to see a new face!


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