Paint sample mantra mosaic

I’m all about color. I love adding color to just about everything. For this project you’ll have the opportunity to add some chromatic goodness. Got some paint samples from your last remodel of the bathroom? Yeah, me neither. I just pick them up whenever I pass the paint aisle because I think they’re pretty & awesome. What started out as a daydream about making a music video to Regina Spektor’s “Blue Lips” ended with a fascination for paint samples. Needless to say I’ve accumulated quite a few. What better way to use them than a CRAFT project!

a piece of cardboard, a canvas, or a piece of cardstock (I used the one that came in the frame itself)
an assortment of paint samples (hit up Home Depot or a paint store for the motherload of colors)
double-sided tape squares
a colorful quote

After brainstorming a quote or word you love, cut up you paint strips into squares, circles, or whatever shape you want. Arrange them on your cardboard (or what you’re using) & begin adhering them with double-sided tape. Keep it up until every square inch is covered in colorful goodness. This last part is up to your discretion. You can write the quote in Sharpie, being as creative as you please (I haven't done mine yet, so thank you computer editing software). You could also print a quote or word out & glue it on letter by letter (if you’re like me and don’t have a Cricut cutter). You could use patterned paper and cut out letters. You could paint your quote on. ANYTHING. Be creative. After you’re done and the paint/decoupage/sharpie is dry, apply another layer of decoupage & let dry. Now you’ve got a beautiful thing to smile about in 2011. Put it on your desk, in your closet, on your mirror, or your wall & live your motto!
Here's the semi-finished product:

And here's the saying I actually will put on it. I love (no pun intended) how the word love is up to interpretation. Is it a noun? Is it a verb? Guess it's up to the reader.

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