Four Favorites Friday

Here are my four favorite finds of the week:

1. Extra's Strawberry Shortcake gum. I've seen this on The Biggest Loser, and I was skeptical. After eating my weight in Muddy Buddies this weekend, I decided a 5 calorie stick of gum wouldn't hurt--even if it didn't curb my sweet tooth. Thing is, it actually helps!

2. This amazing recipe for egg's Benedict. If I'm not successful... well I'm in Paris staying with a chef who's training at Le Cordon Bleu. Ooooh PJ! Feel like cooking?

3. The Le Pliage bag from Longchamp. I've seen these bags around & always thought one would look cute hanging off my shoulder; only now do I know what brand they are. I wasn't pleased when I saw the price, but a nurse I work with told me they're about 1/3 the price in Paris. Hopefully! I'll let you know. The tote is in graphite, and the folded up tote is taupe.

4. This pretty pillow is on my to-do list. I'm hoping to make two of these for my bed after returning from Paris. So feminine, simple & lovely.

One lesson I learned this week: Don't be shy; people are quite interesting if you open up the dialogue.


  1. I always wanted to try this gum but really didn't know what to expect. One day I had the key lime pie gum in my hand but then put it back into the shelf and bought something else because I just couldn't imagine how it would taste. (Well, I know... like key lime pie... )

    Thanks for visiting artsy ants blog, by the way!

  2. Love that pillow! But I am not a fan of the Extra Gum! I tried it recently and I thought it tasted ok but it got really hard and lost flavor really fast. :-/ maybe it was just me?


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