Ribbon to headband

For my first few entries, I thought I’d copy Real Simple’s brilliant idea of using what you’ve got to make something useful/wonderful. Start off the new year with a new project & a green heart.

Ann Taylor LOFT had fabulous ribbons on their bags this holiday season. I did a lot of shopping there and couldn’t bear to see these lovelies thrown away. I decided to make something with them. Have any old ribbons you’ve been saving but don’t know what to do with? Try this.

Grab a thick ribbon & a sewing machine for the world’s easiest headband. (Mine was about 30 inches long by 2 inches wide).

Iron the ribbon flat getting out the kinks.

Fold the ribbon in half and iron. Pin down the length of the ribbon & sew. Since this ribbon has a variety of hues I used a plain stitch but if you had a plain ribbon it might be cute with a zig-zag or more decorative stitch.

Ta-da. The two minute headband/retro ribbon.

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  1. OMG- as Usher would say. I need to craft with you ASAP! I'm so in love with our blog and I'm so glad we are friends. What are you up to on 16th? can we do a 5k and then craft all day? there is a 5k at my school at 9am, registration is like $15 and free long sleeve tee. I broke out the sewing machine and I'm learning, it's fun, frustrating and liberating. I would use freeing, but it didn't sound quite as cool. I also cleaned my craft room a bit so I can find all the things we need to craft.



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