Passport Cover Tutorial

For Christmas I bought my sister (and myself) a ticket to Paris. We leave January 20th and are so excited to traverse the globe a little bit. Not to mention I will be catching up with a best friend from college who is studying there at Le Cordon Bleu!

So, what better reason to have a hand-crafted passport cover than a trip abroad! I'm crafting these cuties & will give one to her as a gift on the way to the airport.

You will need a few medium sized pieces of fabric (your chance to be creative, use two or three different patterns), a sewing machine, scissors & pins.

Here's what to do:

Lay out your open passport out and trace with 3/4 inch space all around.

Cut two pieces using this measurement. Place right side together and sew all the way around leaving a 2 inch hole. Turn right side out and press (don't worry about the hole, you will sew it up later). I like to poke my corners out a bit using my crochet hook.

For the sides the passport will slide into, measure 1/2-3/4 of the passport's length. Cut out four pieces with this measurement. Sew two pieces right sides together around three sides & turn right-side out. Repeat for the other two pieces.

Pin the sides to the larger piece you sewed earlier. Pin to the side you want to be the outside and put the inside face down.

Sew all the way around. Flip the sides in & slide your passport in!

Bon voyage!


  1. As for the pockets---you say to sew all around the sides and then flip the sides. How can you flip it if it's sewn? Sorry- I'm very beginner sewer, but these are things that trip me up!

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