Luggage Tags Tutorial

More travel accessories! Our trip to Paris is only 8 days away! I can hardly beleive it! Here's a tutorial for some cute bag tags. One of my mottos is to use what you've got. I couldn't find my stash of interfacing so I used some cotton batting instead.

Thin elastic
A few different fabric scraps (size is up to you)
Thin-tipped Sharpie
Scissors, a sewing machine
Interfacing/batting/old gift card/cardboard

So, here's what you do:
Cut 2 rectangles out of the fabric (fabrics 1 & 2). Cut a rectangle out of the interfacing that is just slightly shorter than fabrics 1 & 2.

Cut a smaller rectangle out of the canvas (use what you have on hand). This is fabric 3. Print all the information you want onto the canvas using fabric ink and stamps or a fabric marker. I used a thin-tipped Sharpie & it didn't bleed on the canvas. Turned out quite nice.

Cut about a 6-8 inch sized piece of elastic (this is what you'll use to attach the tag to your suitcase).

Sew fabric 3 onto fabric 2 using a zig-zag or other decorative stitch.

To assemble, place fabric 1 right side up on your surface, place the loop of elastic on top of fabric 1 (with loop facing inward), lay fabric 2 right side down on top, and interfacing on the very top.

Sew around three sides (including the elastic side). Sew back and forth over the elastic a few times to strengthen it.

Flip right-side out.

Sew a top stitch over the fourth side to close the tag up. Or you can top stitch all the way around. This is your finished product! Now go find a suitcase that needs some love.

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