Wedding DIY: Tissue Paper Poms

To add a little pizazz to the centerpieces for Cassandra's wedding, we decided to make some tissue paper poms. We also broke off some branches from a few dead trees! HA.

For this project, we bought 2 packs of silver tissue paper (five sheets in each pack) & had enough to make 20 mini poms! The white tissue my mom had on hand, so bonus! We used white, ivory, and silver.

To make the flowers, we used this as a guide: via Martha Stewart

Materials: tissue paper, scissors & string

Then cut the edges round or pointed. Peel the layers toward the middle one at a time and fluff. In the meantime, ...

Instagrams printed via Foxgram (SO affordable!). Brent put some muscle into the wine corks & made them into little holders for the pictures & the guest names!

The poms look so fun!

& with that said, this blog may be inundated with wedding DIY fun until then! YAY! FINAL COUNTDOWN!
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