Cross 'em off the list!

Remember the list I told you about? My Denver 2012 list! Well, I've crossed a few more things off and enjoyed them all! Here are my most recent accomplishments:

In the spirit of making lists, I also made a "To Craft List 2012" so I can keep track of all the projects I want to get done. Here are some finished specimens:
A pouch for the chess pieces: (same fabric I used for this project)
A summery tote bag:

His & her passport covers. So excited to use these this weekend! El Caribe, here we come!
Many more projects to come!

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  1. I've only been to Coors Field once, but I loved it. It's such a nice stadium :)I'm totally going to check out your Denver 2012 list for ideas. My husband and I are headed to CO this summer!


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