Friday Family time during Lent: FISH
Found these lovely shoes. They were a bit too small, so I used the fill  shoes with a bag of water & freeze idea to stretch.
It worked a bit, only the bag popped while freezing & the shoes came out solid blocks of ice. HA!
Pork chops with yellow peppers & good company at a small table.
Neon dyed Easter eggs!
Sweets! This cherry chip cupcake was my first indulgence after giving up sweets for Lent.
Easter glow. Beautiful weather!
Easter dress picture + floating orb between us.
Sassy Hunter sticking his tongue out!

Easter was wonderful. Mass at the Basilica, breakfast + chess, baked brie, family time (total head count, 41 people & 2 dogs), & Life the bored board game.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, remember the party is still going! Happy Easter Monday!


  1. Love Steph peeking in the background and Hunny Bunny.


  2. what great pictures! love the shoes!


  3. Those shoes are super cute! & your dress is really pretty. :)


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