Making the most of this city

Spring is coming, and along with it comes all the exciting outdoor activities. A few weeks ago I made a list of things I want to accomplish in this beautiful city in 2012, specifically by the end of the summer. A lot of the activities are simple: "play tennis." But some challenge me to make the most out of the restaurants, parks and activities around the city. Most take place directly in Denver, but there are a few destination goals such as: "spend a night in Estes Park."

Here are some of the goals I've accomplished so far:

No childhood in Colorado is complete before visiting this restaurant. Home to a giant pink facade, cliff divers, a Mexican food buffet, delicious sopapillas, a haunted cave, arcade games & more, Casa Bonita is a dining experience. Not to mention the South Park episode which helped make it famous to those outside of Colorado too.

This has been a growth experience. I've volunteered here a few times, but for Lent I decided to make a weekly commitment, and it has been eye-opening and humbling.

Bruce! If you want fresh & affordable fish good enough for sushi, hit up Seafood Landing.

Best Zumba teacher for real. He teaches at the Highlands Park 24 Hour Fitness if you're in the Denver area. Thursdays at 7:30, but be prepared to get there early to reserve your spot. He's more popular than free TVs on Black Friday!

What a fun experience! Joined the hundreds of people in line to get a ticket in the morning for the color lottery. We got the 11:30, which is pretty late to score good stuff, but BOOM I got BRAND new hiking boots for $19.83. Someone returned them because they were "too small." For the win! So excited for hiking and camping weather!

I'll periodically update as I accomplish more goals.
How are you going to make the most of your city this year?
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  1. Ah! I loved Casa Bonita as a kid (before I knew the difference between good/bad food!) and I can't wait to take my husband.

  2. I loved Casa Bonita when I was a kid too! I honestly wasn't sure if it was still open. Great score from the REI garage sale...I once got brand new Chacos for the same price :)


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