Tutorial: Fabric Covered Letters

Here's a quick & easy (no sewing required) tutorial for a cute way to add some zest to any room.

You will need a computer, a printer, cardboard, fabric, scissors, a paint brush, decoupage & double-sided tape.

1. Find a font that you love. Download (if necessary) & open up a document. Type your letter, and re-size it so that it fits a full size of paper. I used a serif font.

2. Print out each letter and cut around the edges. Trace onto a piece of cardboard (use what you have on hand... cereal boxes work great).

3. Cut the letter out of the cardboard.

4. Place the letter face down on the fabric & trace.

5. Cut the fabric.

6. Apply decoupage to the cardboard and ease the fabric onto the cardboard so that edges match up nicely.

7. Apply a coat of decoupage to the top and let dry (about one hour should do it)

8. Use Command Strips, double-sided tape or putty to hang letters.

Done! Voila!

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  1. this is super cute I can't wait to try this thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Cute idea! I need to learn to start being more crafty in life haha.

  3. very cute and so many uses. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Genius! and so simple. Great job!

  5. adorable! love the colors you chose!
    and it looks easy enough for me;)


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