Favorites Follow-through

Most of my Friday favorites do come with a follow-through. Here are some pictures of the most recent accomplishments.

This beautiful pillow, featured on this post, turned out great! I used glacier blue, a Kona cotton solid fabric that's soft & vibrant. It took me less than an hour to make this & it's so lovely. Don't forget to check out Sew Mama Sew because it's pillow month & February is quickly coming to a close.

Those vanilla beans I bought from Savory are lending all their yummy flavor to my homemade vanilla extract. This bottle is about 5 weeks underway, a little over halfway there! It gets a little darker every day. Can't wait!

Couldn't find my heart cookie cutter, but these cookies made Valentine's day special. The raspberry cream cheese frosting turned out fabulous! It couldn't have been easier. I used this sugar cookie recipe, which also turned out perfect!

That Nike collage from this post inspired me to buy a swim cap & goggles & hit the pool again! Another update: the Longchamps bags are not much cheaper in Paris after the currency conversion, so I have yet to own one. Soon enough...! & that fried goat cheese is amazing. SO good. No picture because I ate it as quick as I could.

Keep trying new things!


  1. Great job on the pillow I love the color! Did you ever get your Longchamp? I love those bags :)

  2. lovely pillow!! you are soo crafty! and yum.. those cookies look good!!

  3. Loving the pillow! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :). That was actually my first time sewing with a zipper.

  4. Your pillow turned out beautifully, LOVE the color!


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