Friday Favorites: Paris edition.

It's been about a month since sis & I have returned to the States, but the memories of Paris are still vibrant and vivid in my mind. Here are some pictures that help capture the wonderful times we had (just a few more than four...).
As I've mentioned, we stayed with one of my friends who is studying over there, so it felt like we were living the life of a local. I loved PJ's quaint apartment; it was a perfect fit for one, yet comfortably housed three. The shower was like a phone booth.
The food. Everything was so fresh & delicious. Here is a picture from our first lunch in Paris. We started with an appetizer of hardboiled eggs with fresh mayonnaise and french bread, followed by the main course. For me, the main dish was warm apples, ham, and goat cheese in a cream sauce with a side salad. Tres great! Not to mention the crêpes by the Eiffel Tower. Hot & steamy on a cold stroll through the city. Simply heavenly! PJ there had a waffle instead of a crêpe, equally as delicious. And the other salad with--what's that? oh yeah--goat cheese.
The café. Coffee in America has been corrupted by conglomerate chains that want your pretty penny more than to give you a drink that tastes delicious and wakes your snoozing joints (in my humble opinion, of course). Not so in France. While the little espresso costs about as much as a blended U.S. coffee beverage, it was well worth every Euro cent! Smooth, rich, aromatic. All the things that coffee should be. No burnt flavor there! & it was a drink-in experience, no cardboard sleeves or to-go cups in sight. Served with the cutest little spoon & a few cubes of sugar. Loved it so much that I haven't had a cup of the "American" stuff since Paris.
The Eiffel at night. Who knew it sparkled?! Spoiler alert, it sparkles. Every hour on the hour for about five minutes. I think the tower lit up just accentuates its intricate architecture. It's not too shabby in the day either...
This lovely English bookstore that's right by Notre Dame.
The churches. Notre Dame has an amazing facade. The chapel of the Miraculous Medal is small and intimate, and one of the coolest churches I've ever been to for Mass. St. Catherine of Laboré's body is there uncorrupted!
The Arc de Triomphe, of course. So much bigger than I imagined.
The Catacombs. What a unique experience.

Rue du Bac is where it's at. The coolest boutiques I stumbled upon were all on this road (not to mention the Miraculous Medal chapel & La Grande Epicerie de Paris). My coveted Parisian kitchen towel is from a shop on this street. Along the way on Rue du Bac, I also bought some delightful olives, a delicate and femenine bracelet, and some stationery. Basically, all of my spending money was spent on this street alone.


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