Getting the Groove Back

This is the story of how Stella Nicole got her groove back.

See, I've been battling with myself about this blog, where I want it to go, what I want to get out of it, what the purpose is behind it... and I've finally made up my mind.

Life is a journey, an adventure, an occasion. I've always been fond of chronicling it. Heck, I was a yearbook editor for two years in high school. I was co-historian of CSFL in college (see my roommate and I wouldn't dare run against each other, so we made them create a dual position for us). Coincidence? I think not. I like documenting, looking back, and remembering.

I've never been good at the "what I wore" posts and things along that nature for a variety of reasons. First, I spend 40+ hours a week in scrubs and with a future career in health care, I don't anticipate that changing much. I try to look presentable (at least) when I'm not in scrubs, but truthfully it doesn't matter all that much to me. I love shopping and I love new clothes, but fashion is something that has always eluded me. Every time I feel I'm being fashionable, it comes out looking trendy or forced and I realize these are the pictures I'll look back on and laugh at what I'm wearing, and that's fine by me.

I'm not sure where this puts my shop, as self-promotion is something else I'm not very good at, but I'm open to all the possibilities. An extended hiatus for now. We'll see what happens.

The purpose of my blog is to express myself and chronicle this great adventure of life. Yes, that includes crafts and sewing (so that won't change). If you notice a shift, this is why. I'm good at reporting, narrating, journaling. And most of all, I enjoy chronicling it just as much as I enjoy looking back at it. Even in my blog, I've gotta stay true to myself, so even though things might change a bit, they will be purer and hopefully better overall.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your post. I am glad I'm not alone in needing to blog for myself & not for someone else. I did the "What I Wore" posts myself & then realized it just wasn't me. I get it...it's to get SAHM out of their PJS (but it's easy!). New follower!!


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