Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a lot of fun. We encountered a storm on the way to the airport, which delayed our flight a bit. Eventually landed in LV, walked outside into the oven that is Las Vegas & headed straight for the pool. Met up with some family, swam, and grilled some chicken. On Saturday we spent the day as tourists, won some money playing roulette, ate some IN-N-OUT & went to Caesar's Palace's club Pure (nothing pure about it... no me gusta). Saw Snooki there (yes that Snooki) & decided we'd had enough... Hung out in a cabana by the pool on Sunday & then I flew home. Nice little trip & good to be back. Here are some good shots from the weekend:

Pretty menacing storm clouds
Roasting away in the 100 degrees heat at 9pm

Ooooh yeah!
Birthday girl in the center ! WOO HOO. Please note the "double lens" look of mine...
Reese & Charlie. So adorable.

A healthy glow from the heat.
Look at that candid first bite. She really liked it, as you can tell.
I have dreams about these burgers. Please try the fries "animal style" for a whole new dimension of taste-bud satisfaction.
Teamwork = success at roulette!
Ready to dance!
A sweet sculpture next to the Cosmopolitan & Aria
Catching the rays & lounging in the pool.

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend too!

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