Roses are Red, Mondays are Blue, & a Custom Order, One for You?

A bit of crafting this weekend. I finished up a birthday gift for my cousin, a custom iPad case (we're going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate)!

I did my first custom order for Belleview Place, a wristlet clutch. Beautiful lemon yellow contrasted with grey & vermilion: sunburst. A few of these will be hitting the digital shelves soon! & if you're interested in a custom order, let me know! Very affordable & fun.

Griff & I had a date night on Saturday. I made him dinner & dessert. He brought roses. We ate outside over candlelight & watched a movie. It was lovely! Just the normal we need!

Here's to a great week!

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  1. You and your crafts are amazing. You need to write about the adventures at Book Ranch to entertain your faithful readers, I know they'd love to hear that story.


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