Four Favorites Friday 06.24.11 Cleveland Edition

Have you ever been to the beautiful city of Cleveland? Planning on going? Here are some of my favorite gems from the Cleveland area.

1. Lucky's Cafe. Delicious food, friendly atmosphere, easy to miss, hard to find, but well worth the trip. They use all locally grown ingredients and have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. G ordered waffles with caramel syrup and I got the Cuban sandwich with fresh potato chips.

2. The West Side Market. No trip to Cleveland is complete without a stop here. Fresh produce, meats, cheeses, pastas, pastries, etc. The market is a great way to buy locally & it's affordable.

3. On the Rise Artisan Breads & Pastries. This treasure is nestled into a lovely neighborhood. The smells alone are heaven, not to mention the breads and pastries! Throughout the week I enjoyed an almond croissant, a sticky bun, a "Jennifer's Cookie," and a french bread loaf.

4. The Cedar Lee movie theatre. Features the best independent films and offers the old time theatre feel. Saw The Tree of Life here (and if you've seen it, please tell me what you think) this time around. Quaint theater. Love it.

[all pictures taken by me]

Almond croissant, anyone?
Go Meat!
West Side Market yumminess!
Favorite from Chicago Midway: a water bottle fountain with a ticker that says how many plastic bottles have been saved!

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