Four Favorites Friday: 06.10.2011

It's Tie-dye Friday!

1. Check out this awesome tutorial by Sweet Verbena. A practical & affordable craft. We will be making these tonight!

2. Did you know you can dye buttons with Rit dye? Check it out!

3. This is the srunched/folding technique by My Byrd House. Love how it turns out!

4. This is just some eye candy from Pattie Wack to get you in the dyeing mood.

Happy weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures of what we create next week. PS-In 24 hours I will be Ohio-bound! YES.


  1. Wow thanks for the feature! Have fun dyeing your shoes! I'd love to see pictures sometime (:

  2. Great post! I love the dyed buttons-- never even thought you could do that! The shoes are adorable-- what color did you dye yours? Happy weekend!


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