Saturday Snapshot(s)

This picture just cracks me up! In honor of opening day for the Rockies (yesterday, and sadly they lost), my Saturday Snapshot is from a game last season. It was mustache night. I promise. I'd say 99.8% of the people at the game didn't get the memo. [When purchasing the mustaches, however, I met people shopping for the very same reason & the sales-lady was quite confused as to why the fake mustaches were selling out in August.] Everyone at the game kept pointing at our group and yelling "what's with the mustaches?!" HA! Let me tell you from experience, these things are itchy as heck and they make it very difficult to smile (as you can tell by the picture--quite a struggle). Apparently my upper lip is quite small because the 'stache was going up my nose aaaaall night. Totally worth it though. The looks [and pictures] we got were priceless.

Sooo haaard to smiiiile.

See, when Dinger has double 'stache action going on, you know it's real. I can't make these things up, people! HA.

Aaaand, unlike yesterday, they won. Hoping for a great season. Let's go ROCKIES!

Thanks Kim for hosting the link party! It's so fun going through old pictures you haven't seen in a while. Come join the fun.

yellow songbird


  1. ha! so good. love mustaches on women.

  2. I want a picture with a mustache, but I don't have a good reason, maybe I will wait for Halloween...love it!

  3. okay so had to mention my name is Nicole also. Ain't we just two peas in a pod!

  4. Fantastic photo! I am a new follower :)


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