Four Favorites Friday: 04.15.11

Happy Tax Day & Friday to you all. Hope it's been a fabulous week. Mine was wonderful & busy (and included quite a few holes in my body... shots in preparation for Peru).

1. This brilliant honeycomb-style shelving. Found via Design*Sponge with a full how-to & it seems fairly easy to make. Griffin ♥s woodworking, so maybe I'll have him make something like this for me... It reminds me of bees & organic chemistry & happy.

2. Hello delicious recipe! Stumbled upon Kevin & Amanda's blog the other day, and I'm telling you I honestly drooled. She has great tips about blogging, photographing, and delicious recipes. She even has a feature where you can click a picture & it will tell you what settings she used and what camera for each picture. Brilliant!

 3. Kojo Designs (love that blog, beautiful sisters) is hosting a month of copy-cat projects that they call The Sincerest Form of Flattery. Many of my projects are copy-cats & I love making beautiful replicas and saving money all at the same time. Check out this project where Tasha from Creation Corner made a delightful tote bag based off of one from Pottery Barn. Love it! Find the full tutorial here.

 4. Lofted beds. I love sleeping up high. I was always the girl that wanted the top bunk, and I loved the cruises with the family where the beds popped out of the ceiling. I'm loving the space-saving idea of lofted beds. Maybe Griff can build us one if we get married (don't want to jinx anything, so I'll use the "if"... even though it's hopefully a "when"). Bed found via Houstic... very fun site. Also, pictures of my new bed coming soon!

Volunteering at a health fair tomorrow & getting ready for Peru. Nothing else on the weekend agenda besides sleeping and taking it easy! PS-It's almost HOLY WEEK! Have a great one!

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