Earth Day Craft: Fabric Covered Foam Soap Dispenser

Happy Earth Day, folks. It's also Good Friday, which in my opinion is WAAAAAY more important. Hope you have a good one. No favorites of the week today, but here's a fun craft to try!

Here are a few links for Good Friday reference & reflection.
One from my alma mater: Preparing for Good Friday
An article from last year: A Good Friday Reflection

Anyway, on to the tutorial. Have you ever bought foam soap? It's totally brilliant if you've never tried it. The face wash I buy is in a foam dispenser & I got tired of throwing the container away. Let's face it, there's enough plastic in our landfills... So, I decided to recycle & revamp. These make a great Mother's Day gift, which is coming up, by the way!

Turn liquid soap to foam soap using this simple trick:
The secret is in the pump apparatus. Foam soap is just liquid soap diluted down with some air added. Just mix 1/3 liquid soap (stray away from the ones that have beads because these can get stuck in the pump) to 2/3 water, shake it up to mix. I've even done this with body wash to stretch a buck.

For the craft part of the project, all you need is an old foam soap/face wash container, fabric and decoupage.
Paint a layer of decoupage onto the bottle & attach your fabric. Your hands will get sticky, so be excited. Paint a layer of decoupage on top of the fabric, and smooth out any bubbles. Let this dry for an hour or two and put an extra layer on.  You can keep it simple, or you can add some letters or decoration, just remember to seal it on with another layer of--yep, you guessed it--decoupage. Let it dry completely before filling with the soap & water mixture. *Note: if your bottle is wonky, just cut two pieces of fabric that match up with the shape & attach to the front and back.*

Now, wash off that sticky decoupage with some hand crafted foam soap! Enjoy. Very self explanatory tutorial, but pictures to follow later (sorry... busy busy).

Also, found this in my daily email from Hugh. Brilliant if you ask me. Don't get so caught up in environmental causes and being "green" that you forget that people are most important.

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