Saturday Snapshot

Today I'm participating in Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot link party. Come join the fun!

This is a picture from summer 2010. My friend Chelsea & I went shopping and decided to stop in The American Girl store. I was obsessed with these dolls as a kiddo--my sister and I spent hours and hours playing with them. For some absurd reason as a senior in high school I had a dream that my closest friends and I made a movie about the American Girls. This dream turned into a fantasy & I begged my friends to make said movie with me (and secretly subscribed them to the catalogs)... and they humored me. It featured Kirsten, Samantha (me), Molly (Chelsea), our friend Bob who played  Molly's ficticious brother Johnny... anyway it was hilarious & this store and this picture represents all those fun memories.

Oooh American Girls, you have a special place in my heart! Not to mention that in this picture we look like we intentionally tried to match--which we didn't, but it's still cute.

yellow songbird


  1. Oh the memories! For me it was Cabbage Patch Kids {yes, I'm a bit older than you,lol}. I had a whole scrapbook full of polaroids I took of my dolls playing, having picnics, etc. So fun!

  2. Oh yes...Josefina was my doll. I liked her because she was shy, like me. When I was younger, I really wanted to go to the AG store - maybe I'll have to take a daughter someday! :)


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