No Sew Urban Outfitters Inspired Bow Knot Headband Tutorial

Woof, that title's quite a mouthful. It's March, which always reminds me of green, so I decided a green one of these would be fitting. Anyway, here's the inspiration:


And here's how you can do it for less than $5!

You will need a piece of fabric, some felt, a hot glue gun, and a headband. I had felt, fabric, glue gun and a headband on hand that needed to be upcycled, so this project was free for me!
*Note: I actually ended up using a stretchy headband instead of this white one.

Grab a piece of fabric that is about 7" by 10" (this can be larger or smaller depending on how big you want the knot). Grab either side of the fabric at the short ends & tie in a loose knot.

Position the knot the way you think looks best. If it doesn't look great the first time, go ahead and try again. No biggie.

Tuck the fraying ends under and fold into an angled end to each side and pin or secure with a binder clip.  Do this loosely to replicate the UO look.

Next, using your hot glue gun, glue the tucked ends under to secure them.

It should look something like this:

Glue the felt to the underside of the fabric.

And secure the bow to the headband with glue & felt.

This would work great as a clip too if you don't prefer headbands (you might have to make it a little smaller, but I bet it would still be cute). I love this design so much I'm going to make a few different colors.

*Note: I am no hair model, so apologies for the weird cropping. It's actually quite cute!

Update: here's what a smaller version looks like on a bobby pin. This would work great on an alligator clip too.

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  1. That is so cute Nicole....
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