Here's a brief update from the last year+ and then I'll dive right back into all the fun projects that have filled the days!

 I turned 24!

Spent a lot of time hiking & enjoying the outdoors.

Took the annual trip to see my college friends!

Co-hosted a DIY Great American Beer Fest! Fun way to try a lot of different beers!

Moved into a new house with three other roommates & celebrated Christmas all together.

On New Year's I started a mason jar full of funny & great memories. It's so much fuller now!

Hosted a DIY Sipping & Painting party!

Celebrated these two getting engaged (& have been planning the wedding ever since)! :)

Went to Alaska.

Ran a half marathon!

Enjoyed the outdoors more.

Got bangs again.

& turned 25!

Okay, now onto the crafts ;)

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  1. This is such a great idea, I love seeing what the highlights of your year were :) we should all do this!


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