T-Shirt Upcycle: Adding a Customized Pocket (15 minute project!)

Here's how you can update an old t-shirt you don't wear very much with a cute little pocket in a print of your choice.

What you'll need:
Fabric of your choice
Sewing machine (or hand sew)

I used cardboard and created a simple five point pocket by free handing it. You can skip this step if you want! I like to use the cardboard pattern for future projects.

Cut two pocket patterns from your fabric.

Place them right sides together & sew a 1/4 inch seam across the top.

Press the seam open.

Fold in half, enclosing the raw edges you just sewed & ironed. The right sides of the fabric should be on either side of the pocket. Then sew a seam about 3/4 inch down from the top.

Use an iron to press the raw edges of the pocket in. It should look something like this:

Pin the pocket directly on to the t-shirt. I put mine on the left side, but most pockets come on the right (FYI), just felt like being different.

Using the sewing machine, sew down the two sides and around the point at the bottom. Leave the top of the pocket open (do not sew across the top or you will no longer have a pocket but a patch). 

Done in just about 15 minutes! Repeat with as many shirts as you like! Enjoy!

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