Tuesday Tutorial: Customized Outdoor Bench Cushions

For a birthday present for my sister's boyfriend, we made him some bench cushions. He made the benches from scrap wood, a project that didn't cost him a dime (it did cost him some sweat, though). The wood was a bit splintered and was therefore not very comfortable to sit on. Splinters + bare legs = ouch!

We made a trip to Joann's, bought some indoor/outdoor fabric (50% off, holla!), sat down on foam in the middle of the aisle, bought the schtuff (40% off!) & went to work. This project may seem like a huge undertaking, but rest assured, this will only take a few hours!

*Photo heavy post!*
$50 x 3 benches = $150

$29 x 3 benches = $87 at least

Here's how you can make your own customized cushions for less than buying them!

Sew the side just across from the fold and along one of the bottoms. Leave one short side entirely open.

To make the fabric take on a more boxed look, using the fabric from the long sides and the bottom sewn side, fold the fabric in a triangle against the seam. 
Repeat for the other corner as well.

For finishing, I turned the fabric right side out and stuffed the foam inside. With the end edges, I folded the fabric like an envelope (see below) and pinned Velcro on the inside for an invisible finish.

Pinned Velcro, ready to sew. Notice how the Velcro spans the whole cushion.

 To make sewing the Velcro easier, I pushed the foam down and out of the way.

 I used a zig-zag stitch to secure the Velcro.

It looks something like this.

 To finish, fold in like an envelope, just like you did before pinning the Velcro.
This is what mine looked like finished.

Not even cute! So, we decided to sew some ourselves.

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  1. Wow they turned out great...I love the fabrics you chose :)

  2. These look awesome! As usual :)

  3. such a great idea! loove that blue floral-y fabric. :)

  4. Thanks again sis, you are the best drafter I know:) love you.

  5. Umm, no iPad, I typed crafter!

  6. What an awesome idea- love the homemade benches and the cushions were the PERFECT touch!

  7. That look really elegant and the royal garden bench blue cushions looks very fantastic. Thanks for one by one step tutorial including with images that helps me a lot to learn.

  8. Hi there! How many yards does it take to do one 3" cushion?

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