Back to School

Wait? It's summer? Back to school! We just celebrated getting out of school!

Not me! Getting back to school is actually a celebration for me. See I graduated in 2010 & with two almost-made-it-to-med-school attempts under my belt, I'm taking some more classes to broaden my biology experience.

My first lab was yesterday for anatomy & physiology. And in just one session I learned nearly all the bones and structures in the skull. Holla!

Fresh office supplies make me giddy. Fresh notebooks waiting to be filled. Fresh pens ready to write and doodle. Binders for organizing, books for reading. It just brings back so many good memories from studying in college.

There are few things more fulfilling than learning!
What are you excited about this summer?


  1. new school/office supplies make me giddy! I always want to buy a notebook and pens when August rolls around :) good luck with your summer classes, hats off to you for NOT giving up on a dream!!

  2. oh yes, I looove fresh school supplies! hope your classes go well! :)


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