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One of the things that helps me stay organized is planning my meals in advance. My roommate & I started this great trend in college a few years ago, and now that I'm in an apartment by myself, I've brought back the brilliant idea.

Our bi-weekly ritual consisted of us perusing recipe books & websites to find 10 dinner meals that sounded great & easy. These ten meals would feed us for two weeks (with a few leftover meals for lunches and or the freezer). We'd make two lists, one with the meals & one with the ingredients we'd need to make that dish. Then we'd choose whatever sounded good & made it knowing we had all the ingredients on hand. It worked out marvelously.

This is what I use on a weekly basis (as I've adapted to going grocery shopping once a week). I plan 5 meals (always with leftovers) and count on having a few leftover lunches at my disposal and use what's left in the fridge for Saturday & Sunday (not to mention these are the days I'm most likely to go out or have family dinner, etc.). Click the picture at the end of this post for your free printable if you like! It fits a standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper in the landscape orientation.

Here's mine in action:

I like to jot down the weather on mine too! Another tip I have is to make note of where you got the recipe so you don't go crazy the day-of trying to remember which site or book you got the recipe from.

Hope you find this helpful! Now get cookin'!

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  1. I love it. We kind of do that at my house. it's also super helpful to plan lunches too. Now that the 3 of us have to take lunches we are very keen on each others tastes and changing it up often. it totally helps planning a side too, keeps the health in check. Thanks for the printable.


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