Cats with lightning bolt scars & final craft fair prep

Tomorrow is the big day! My first craft fair. I have NO idea what to expect. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, which will most likely deter shoppers from making a trip, but I am hopeful nonetheless. I've been waking up early & going to bed late all in preparation. It's fitting that this journey is during the Advent season when we also wait in joyful anticipation, moving our lives around to make room for Jesus (both figuratively and literally).

1st Edition: Random conversations with Griffin
N: "So, ya know that cat that sleeps outside my door?"
G: "Yeah."
N: "I finally named him."
G: "What did you name him?"
N: "Harry James Potter."
G: "You're a dork."
N: "He's got disheveled black hair, bright green eyes... and a little lightning bolt scar on his forehead."
G: "Ha! Do you know how much that cat would go for on eBay if that were true?"
N: "It is true."
...walk into apartment complex & HJ Potter is sleeping outside my door. I reach down to pet him & he looks up at us.
N: "See Griff, see the lightning bolt?"
G: "No. Harry looks more like Professor McGonagall."


And some other Harry Potter cats for your viewing pleasure:

Also, please pray for my sister. She's getting Lasik today! EEK. Happy Friday!

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  1. haha I love these pictures! Especially because I'm a big harry potter fan :)


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