Trip Planning: Outfits

Knowing I had a busy week in front of me, I decided to get organized and pack for our cruise (VACATION!) this past weekend. I flipped through the shirts in my closet questioning each item's potential. I grabbed a bunch off the hanger and made a "possibly" pile. Did the same for shorts/skirts. Eventually I decided on my outfits. I got the idea somewhere to lay out each planned outfit. Although I've never done this before, I find it extremely helpful. Once everything is crammed into a suitcase, it's hard to remember which shirt went with which bottoms, and what necklace you planned on wearing, etc. This alleviates all that, and makes things a bit more organized.

So without further ado, here are the daytime clothes I plan to wear on our cruise to the Caribbean. [Nighttime is a different story, and trust me I have some sweet dresses planned! Pictures later!]

top: Ross
shorts: Forever 21

top, shoes, necklace: Forever 21
shorts: Loft
earrings: NY & Co.

top: Target
cropped pants: Calvin Klein via Costco
shoes: Guess
necklace: NY & Co.

sweater, dress: Loft
necklace: ae
shoes: Payless

shirt: Forever 21
shorts: NY & Co.
necklace: Peru
bracelet: Omaha
shoes: Teva
scarf: handmade

denim button up, shoes: Forever 21
dress: Gap

Using this quick video tutorial and iPhoto, I printed these pictures out to put in my suitcase.

Have a great day!
pleated poppy


  1. Cute outfits! And I'm jealous of your upcoming vacation :)

  2. I am packing too and it is so hard to decide what to pack for weather you are unsure about. I love the Loft dress

  3. You are going to look great on your trip. Good outfits! I always helps me to plan ahead.


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